Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

September 2021

This winter has been hard. Lots of ups and downs globally, nationally, and personally. Motivation has been wonky and so have my creativity to be honest. BUT all that matters is that you keep going. Why and I starting this post like this? Because it's real and if you are struggling personally or professionally right now, know you aren't alone. To sum up: Better late than never.

... So [about 6 months ago] My roommate/best friend and I left the beautiful coast of Massachusettes behind and headed north. We crossed into New Hampshire first while continuing our count of "Now Hiring" signs. (I think we got to 115 by the time we got back to MD the following Thursday.) A few miles later 95N lead us across the border of Maine! My 28th and 29th states respectively. Only one more to go to get to my goal of 30 by 30. (Spoiler alert: I made it.)

We had done so much the first half of our trip we decided once we got to the AirBnB to take the next day and chillax, do people still say that?

Watching tv most of the day in a beautifully restored tiny barn/turned-AirBnb wasn't a terrible thing to do. We didn't want to waste ALL of our day so for a late lunch we drove to the Taste of Maine for... well a taste of Maine. The lobster roll was amazing and pretty amazing to my wallet too, but oh so worth it. After posing with a few giant lobsters, we drove a quick drive to Doubling Point Lighthouse to take in the scenery. It was picturesque... ok, that was cheesy.

After the little afternoon adventure we headed back to the AirBNB. We just had a two night stay there and were already pooped. A day of driving awaited us the next morning so we needed some rest.

The next morning we found the cutest little breakfast place that Richmond, ME had to offer, Annabelle's Cafe. I highly recommend the stuffed french toast! Our big goal for this day was driving the Kancamagus Highway, or "The Kanc" as the locals call it.

Fueled up on coffee and french toast we made our way west through Maine to get to the White Mountains, where it The Kanc began.

The Kancamagus Highway is a 34.5 mile long stretch of highway through the White Mountains of New Hampshire known for some of the best spots to "leaf peep." Although we were a little early we still got to witness some beautiful fall colors and some absolutely gorgeous river, waterfall, mountain, woodsy scenes. Take a look!

Pause for a few macro shots...

I especially love the long-exposed river photos. What do you think?

Photo credit to Sarah for the photo of me!

The peak of the "Kanc" puts you on top of the white mountains and the views were amazing!!! But oh so so cold!! The colors were really just starting to pop at this early point in the fall but still an amazing and worth the drive.

Leaving the Kanc behind I also put down my camera for the rest of the trip. The rest of the drive from there snaked along the Vermont and New Hampshire border and finally into Vermont for our final AirBnb of the trip.

As searched for food, in the beginning of the off season (tougher than it may seem,) I found a shop to purchase some maple syrup to celebrate meeting my goal. 30 states by the age of 30, I did it! We did find food btw, a local convenience store, The Newfane Store, with some great sandwiches and super kind people. The shop owner heard about our trip and that it was almost my birthday and made sure I had some maple candy to take home!

The next day we left the beautiful New England region and headed back to the Mid Atlantic. What a wonderful, life changing trip. I think that's the point of travel, to change you life and your world perspective, to see some things you never thought you'd see and be better off for it.

I can't wait to go back.