It was a snowy Friday afternoon...

and I had the urge to get out and take photos. I had a few hours to spare before my next real estate photo session so I parked along Carroll Parkway and ventured into Baker Park in downtown Frederick, MD.

I wanted to capture the snow downtown before it melted (and subsequently snowed again... and melted again.) I decided the suspension bridge over Carroll Creek was a picturesque place to start! I love love love how these lines starkly contrast the organic park surrounding!

After pausing a moment to social distance as a woman and her son passed ahead of me, I was off! Something was so peaceful about this usually bustling park void of many visitors. The empty park benches made great focal points and the low activity level made the ducks seem more relaxed. I couldn't help but stalk a little duck couple!!

The real MVP were the trees. There was a very light breeze that day, so the trees were easy to capture in detail! I love the weeping willow, that picture (in the middle of the grid below) might just be one of my favorites of all time. Check them out and let me know which ones are your favorites!