Business Photography in Frederick MD and the surround area

Business Photography in Frederick, MD

Our commercial photography in Frederick, MD is designed to help businesses across the local area create images and media that captures who you are, what you do, and where you work... Otherwise known as your "empire."

Our marketing, headshot, and product photography in the Frederick, MD area is ideal for businesses, companies, or professionals that provide a physical product or service. These photos are perfect to enhance your digital and print marketing, website, portfolio, social media, advertising and more!

Looking for a quick Mini Headshot Session? Check out our Headshot Photography page.

Step 1:

From Lead to Client

So you want Empire Photography to #CaptureYourEmpire? Great!

The first step is a call to talk ideas, schedule your session and begin to talk locations for photography. The second step is sending a contract/invoice to confirm your booking and making it "official" on my calendar.

Remember: All along the way, if you have questions, I am happy to provide answers.


Marketing-Minded Approach

Every business photography session includes pre-planning and marketing insight! Which means I work with you to choose the location, outfits, poses, props and other elements to create images to match your industry or target audience. Outfit tips and poses will ensure your photos match your brand and the mission of your business!

Travel is included up to 40 miles from Frederick, MD (one way), but we can go further (small fee applies.)


Day of the Shoot

The day(s) of the shoot have arrived! What can you expect:

Fun! I try to take away the stress, I think of myself as the director. I help with poses, staging, and even maybe some lite cleaning to ensure the best possible

photos for your company or business!

Prepped! I send tips, answer questions and try to prepare you and your company the best I can in terms of what to expect. Sometimes that includes scheduling models, extras or members of your team. Let me know what you need!


Image Selection

An in-person or virtual ordering session is required for all business photography session. But, trust me, you want this because YOU get to choose your photos! During this time we will go through your images together and you will choose the ones you would like to purchase.

We help you choose just the right images for your business's needs. Once image selection is complete we will get final edits applied (color correction, light balancing, skin softening, and more!)

Remember: The most important thing for us is that you can and do use your photos and your business grows because of your investment.


How will you use them?

This is the real question. If you invest in a business photography session I don't consider my job over until I see you using your photos. All of our business photography sessions include a complimentary consultation on image use, so if you don't know where to start remember I am happy to help.

Here is my suggested list on places to use your new, high-quality photos:

• Google (My Business account and google account image)

• Website / Portfolio

• Social media posts and profile images

• Business cards

• Email signature

• Advertising

• Digital and Print Marketing

• Artwork and prints for offices, waiting areas, hallways, etc.

So, With a marketing-minded approach to your business,

how can I help you Capture Your Empire?