Real estate photography services in Frederick Maryland, professional listing photos

Frederick, MD Real Estate Photography

We’ve all heard the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s a massive cliche, but when it comes to real estate and property photography, it happens to be true.

Nothing sells a property better than killer images, and nothing derails a listing more swiftly than poor photos. When it comes to listing your residential or commercial property, quality real estate photography can make the difference between a prompt sale and a huge financial hit.

Empire Photography provides high resolution images that accompany the sale of residential or commercial property. Our goal, no matter the listing, is to create images that are realistic and flattering — pictures that show off your place or space in its best light.

All our real estate photography sessions in the Frederick, MD area include:

  • Photography prep list for you/your client
  • Travel up to 40 miles from Frederick, MD
  • Minimal staging during session (moving distracting items, opening blinds, turning on lights, etc)
  • Interior & Exterior photography
  • My expertise to capture the images you need to showcase your specific property
  • Easy-to-use online, downloadable gallery

All sessions begin at 2,000 sqft, additional sqft includes additional images - varies based on package. And, as always, we are happy to work with you to provide marketing consultation after your photography session to help you find the best possible ways to sell your home or commercial space using our photos! It’s your empire — let us help you show it off!

Frederick, MD Real Estate Photography

What Makes Me Different?

As a real estate photographer, my goal is not to just take photos of a house. My goal with our real estate photo services in Frederick, MD and the surrounding communities is to capture a HOME. 

What made that house loved for so many years? What is the next buyer going to find irresistible? I want to tell the story of a home in pictures.

My Style!

I don't just use flash photography to light up a space and move on. I take the time to capture the room in its natural state, balancing the natural and artificial light. This produces photos that are flattering and REALISTIC, which is highly important in our increasingly virtual world. 

Buyers and agents can trust that my photos accurately represent a space before scheduling a showing!

I Am An Artist!

Yes, they are just listing photos, but why not make them beautiful? After all, to your client this place will always hold a place in their heart as home sweet home.

With the help of our expert real estate photography in the Frederick, MD area, you can create a framed photo, standout print, or album might just be the perfect thank you gift for your client and a wonderful way to preserve their former home forever. 

Pricing & Packages

The Rancher

1 hour session
15-20 high resolution images
Standard HDR photo edit
Up to 2,000 sqft
$35/additional 500 sqft

Starts at $200

The Cape Cod

Unlimited session time
Up to 30 high resolution images
Precise HDR edit
Up to 3 blue sky edits
Video slideshow of images
Up to 2,000 sqft
$50/each additional 500 sqft

Starts at $275

The Victorian

Unlimited session time
Up to 30 high resolution images
Precise HDR edit
Blue sky edits
Video slideshow of images
Aerial Photography
Up to 2,000 sqft
$60/each additional 500

Starts at $450

Add Ons:

Aerial Photography

Our real estate drone photography in the Frederick, MD area offers 10-15 images, Provided by Shots Over Frederick


Ready for realistic and flattering listing photos?

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