Travel date: March 1st, 2o24

As previously mentioned in Part 1 of this series (Haven't read it? Check it out here!) I traveled to the Pacific Northwest with my roomie/bestie, Sarah. We stayed with her parents about 1.5 hours north of Seattle, spent a week, did lots of explorin'... Caught up? Great!

Next up on our travel to-do list was Deception Pass State Park. This was highly anticipated and I knew it was going to be beautiful and happy to say the experience did not disappoint. Upon arrival I just had to walk out onto the bridge... from there you could see the makings of the Olympic Mountains to the west. Looking down tho was the really cool part when I started to see something swimming in the water. Seals!! I don't have a close up photo because I didn't order my zoomier lens until this week - I guess I have to go back!

Finally, we started on the trail to the beach below. I had fun photographing the journey to the bottom and doing some creative edits in post. At this time, I was just beginning to fall in love with how different this landscape compares to home... more on that later.

We emerged from the path to the rocky beach that looks out towards the Puget sound, but the outstanding view is of the bridge!

Then I spent the next 40 minutes walking along, picking up stones, and taking it all in through my camera. I give Sarah and her parents mad props for patience for traveling with me and my camera! There were so many angles and objects to focus on.

  • I love a long exposure to capture the movement of water.
  • The algae growth on the boulder that so perfectly mimics the gradient of the rocky beach to the tree line.
  • A cairn crafted by Sarah.
  • All the textures and how they stand out in black and white photography.

But of this state park there was more to see! We left the beach and headed up to the peak. Along the way the greenery and the moss was enchanting.

We just don't have woods like this in Maryland or even on the East Coast. The green was so deep and rich it felt like you could get lost.

Little did I know that the next day I would be headed into a rain forrest (Part 3 coming soon!) that would blow my nature-loving mind.

"Harry, I've reached the top!"

We made it. Not that it was THAT high, but when you start from actual sea-level it felt like Everest. What was amazing about this trip was the weather. The first two days (prior to this day) were quite rainy, but as the week went on it got clearer and clearer. From the summit here it was relatively clear, the first hint of the blue skies to come. BUT it was W.I.N.D.Y.

Like so windy I thought we might get blown off. Like so windy I could lean into the wind and still be standing. I tried to capture how the wind bent the trees, but photos do tend to stay pretty still.

After a lil snack, some water, and a good helping of windburn we descended. We got a little lost on the way out, but found our way. It was perfect actually because it led us through an almost cathedral like part of the forest. The trees reached for the sky and the ground was covered in a dense layer of ferns, fallen trees, and moss. It was breathtaking.

Thankfully I was able to capture it. Two of my favorite photos from the trip up until that point. Enjoy!