Do you want to know the coolest thing about being a photographer? Getting to capture moments in

time. I know that sounds a bit cliché, but it’s true. Take nature, for instance. Nothing ever stays the same

for long. Moment to moment, changes are happening all around us. When it rains, capturing the image

of tiny clear droplets on bright green leaves becomes not just proof of a rainstorm, but a testament to

the ever-changing world around us. How cool is it that we can steal a moment in time and hold onto it

so vividly?

OK, so maybe I’m waxing a bit poetic here. But the point is, photography is one of the coolest forms of

art because it allows us to hold onto things that would otherwise pass us by.

Wedding photographers get to capture the beautiful moments when two people are (arguably) their

happiest. Newborn photographers have the chance to showcase a tiny little human in their first few

moments or days of life. News photographers are right there in the mix, gathering footage of important

events that will one day become part of our history.

I love what I do because I get to freeze moments when people are their most confident, or showcase

their biggest successes. My tagline is “capturing your empire,” and that’s exactly it — it’s highlighting

people’s ultimate achievements and getting to follow along as they grow over time. I can’t describe how

cool it is to photograph a business at its start, and then come back year after year and document as it

grows bigger and more successful. Watching the blood, sweat and tears pay off is so incredible, and

giving my clients the pictures to prove it – well that’s a privilege I don’t take lightly.

At its core, photography is a people business. It’s about capturing images of people (usually), but always

for people. With property photography, I have the chance to highlight some amazing work and artistry

by people who had a vision and saw it through. And through my photos, their work can live forever. How

awesome is that?!

The cool thing is, anybody can capture a moment with an iPhone, iPad, Android or (gasp!) old-fashioned

camera. But what I love about being a professional photographer is that I can find the little details that

make the image stand out, like those raindrops on leaves, and bring it to the foreground. I can bring out

the beauty in the moments and help them become timeless.

Nothing lasts forever, but being a photographer is a really profound way of holding on to the best things

life has to offer and showing them off, one picture at a time.

-Written by Elaina Lyons of Lyons Share Marketing