December 2020

This is my favorite town to explore. It doesn't matter how many times I walk these cobblestone street, I'm still amazed by its natural beauty.... and its tiny stop signs. Seriously, have you seen them?!

First stop, the old Hilltop Hotel, the site of my favorite view in the whole town. It takes my breath away every time. From this tiny public "park" take in the Potomac as it makes it's way into Harpers Ferry, only being broken by the railroad bridge as it cuts its way into the mountain. Even though it's structure is crumbling, the old hotel is a still a sight to see too. From there I walked downtown along the narrow residental street and past the shops all decked out for the holiday season.

Of course no trip to Harpers Ferry is complete without a view of the famed John Brown's fort. I'm really happy with this photo and how it captures the sturdy architecture of this famed building during golden hour. The shadows were just right.

Speaking of golden hour, what perfect timing to take in the iconic bridge over the Potomac to the C&O Canal and Maryland on the other side. Ah, the mighty Potomac! There's something soothing about a river to me. It's a reminder that no matter what happens time keeps flowing on. Take that 2020!

One of the things that makes Harpers Ferry unique is that it's an Appalachian Trail town. The trail cuts right through town. From the north it crosses the railroad bridge then up the stone steps to the Catholic Church and Jefferson Rock.

The final stop and my photo goal for this excursion was to take in the sunset over Harpers Ferry. I carefully pulled my car into the pothole-ridden parking lot off of 340 (potholes make for good photos though!) and walked along the road to the bridge. With cars flying by at 50mph the narrow path on the side of the bridge is for only the most brave of photographers. Ok, ok, it wasn't so bad, but did require a fair bit of courage on my part. But oh was it worth it!

What a beautiful sunset over a beautiful town to end a beautiful day. ☀️🌄