Date: September 22, 2023

If there is one thing you should know about me it’s that I can’t say no to a costume.

The second, if an event has a theme, you bet I’ve mapped out several ideas for what I’m going to wear. Normally as a photographer, the general rule of thumb is to wear all black, especially when doing event photography. That way I am to be as unobtrusive and in the background as possible. So when I got to shoot another event for Community Living, imagine my excitement when I heard it was a 90s-themed party and that I was expected to dress up! There’s nothing better than supporting an organization with a special place in my heart all the while decked out in a costume for the ages. 

Community Living is a non-profit organization providing support to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They offer much-needed housing and day program opportunities to those in need in the Frederick Community, something the community greatly needed when Community Living started its operation nearly 40 years ago! 

The event was held at Union Mills, which is such a beautiful space! Not only was it fun and exciting to capture these bright and electric 90's colors and patterns on the dance floor, tables, and decorations, but the opportunity to capture the love and happiness in this room was truly a delight. Seeing so many people come together, with the help of the event sponsors, Wegmans and WAEPA, to fundraise for this amazing cause was an extremely heartwarming and fulfilling experience.

Shout out to the band: Uncle Jesse for raising the roof and bringing down the house!

While I absolutely love business and property photography, going to events like these can't help but spark joy and remind me of why I got into photography in the first place. While a majority of my shoots are focused on “capturing a business's empire” it’s truly a wonderful moment when I get the chance to capture the impact of an empire. Community Living’s impact is beautiful and it brings me joy to catch that on camera.

 ... and if you have corporate or non-profit event, that needs photography, in or around Frederick, Maryland please reach out!

Thank you to Community Living, it was an honor to work with you and I’ll see you at your next event, camera in hand, outfit on theme, and the joy of seeing your empire shine.