Whatever business you’re in, whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a large corporation, you’ve likely heard the saying, “It’s all in the details.” Well, there’s quite a bit of truth to that, especially when it comes to property photography.

When I set out to capture your empire, I make a point to hone in on the little things. Property photography is a great avenue to do that because it’s all about those specific features. Think of it as micro versus macro: Property photography is all about the details; real estate photography focuses on the space itself.

Recently, I got to work with a longtime client of mine, EAC Interior Design, on a shoot in Baltimore. I’ve had the chance to work with EAC’s owner, Elizabeth Chan, on quite a few projects, and we both also serve on the Professional Women in Building's Board of Directors. EAC specializes in kitchens and bathrooms and, as you can see, they put a

ton of effort into making those details pop. (EAC was recently voted BeLocal Frederick's Best Interior Designer and I highly recommend them!)

I absolutely love shoots like these, because they allow me to bring an even greater artistic flair to the shots. A big part of what I do isn’t just capturing your empire; it’s capturing what makes your empire unique. It’s zeroing in on what’s different. With property photography, especially with EAC, those different, unique components stand

out beautifully on their own, making my job not only easier, but also a lot more fun!

Honing in on the details allows you to zoom out and see how they impact the bigger picture. I love seeing how each individual component in a room’s design works with the others to create a full, cohesive look and feel. Without the micro, we could never have the beauty of the macro. To be honest, this type of unified beauty is a photographer’s

dream, because I get to take all those little elements and highlight their contribution to the bigger picture.

Property photography is a great fit for industries like EAC’s, but it’s also ideal for residential and commercial builders, landscape companies, home décor vendors, custom furniture makers, vacation rental companies, property managers, hotels/inns, and any businesses looking to capture the details of a space. Photos like these are a great way to showcase the beauty of those specific features for your portfolio, website, social media and general marketing. Learn more here!

If you’re interested in highlighting the details, shoot me an email or give me a call! I can’t wait to capture your empire.