Outerbanks, North Carolina

One of my favorite parts of a beach vacation is choosing a day to wake up early to watch the sunrise. Today was that day. Call me crazy, I'm a morning person at heart.

It’s the last day of my Outerbanks vacation and the last day before my day job waking up at 3:45am begins again so I figured I’d get used to waking before the sun. The alarm went of today at 5:15 and a quick peak out the window meant it was time to take the quick 30 second drive to the beach where we are staying in Kill Devil Hills. (Shout out to Joe Lamb Jr for the wonderful beach house rental!)

And it was sure well worth it! The first peaks on color were coupled with the crescent moon still visible not too high in the sky. As the colors continued to brighten, out came the pelicans flying back in forth in their pods. (Did you know a group of pelicans is called a pod? According to google they are also called a pouch, a scoop, a squadron--- fun!) Then the tiny crabs went to work digging out their holes for the day, I think they also took a moment to pause to take in the beautiful sunrise too LOL.

There is something just so peaceful about watching the waves come in, watching the world wake up, and the sky wasn't so bad either. I do just LOVE a sunrise ❤️

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