One of the most incredible things about being a photographer is the fluidity of the job. A vacation can become a job opportunity and a client can become a friend.

 Back in April, I headed up to Plymouth, Massachusetts with my friend Celia to see some sights and visit her family. Her aunt, who just so happened to be a kitchen designer, needed some property photos!

Known as Auntie Lisa, Lisa Courtney (Lisa Courtney Designs) had designed a kitchen for her friend Terri that she wanted to enter into a competition. It was a gorgeous space, and also the perfect backdrop to update Auntie Lisa’s headshots! The perks of being a small business meant that I could give her the headshots as thanks for hosting us during our Massachusetts adventure!

I learn a lot from my clients and even more from my friends. Auntie Lisa was a great Massachusetts guide. She taught me many things, like the recipe for cheeseburger chowder, Cape Cod lingo, how to sneakily pay for a meal when someone is in the bathroom, and even how to take the perfect selfie! She has a fantastic memory and as we drove along the shore she could recount all the kitchens she had done and personal stories about her clients and the contractors. The work we both do is incredibly personal, and it was amazing to connect with someone with such a similar passion for people and their stories.   

Pause to shoutout the fabulous food at The Blueberry Muffin, Cork & Table, Fisherman's View, Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium of Fallmouth, Kiskadee Coffee Shop, and Lucia Restorante. And escape room, Trapology Boston!

The great part about making friends with clients, or in my case, gaining a new aunt, is that they also have friends that need photos! Auntie Lisa’s friend Terri, the owner of the aforementioned kitchen, needed to update her headshots as well. So after a great session, Terri was invited to come along into Boston with us.

The four of us took a day trip to Boston and had a blast! We bought matching hats and dubbed ourselves the Boston 4. It wasn’t the first time any of us had been to Boston, but it was definitely a trip to remember.

I originally didn’t plan on working much on that trip but I’m so glad I added those shoots to my schedule, and that my job allows for that kind of spur-of-the-moment decision-making. It’s crazy what can bring people together, whether it's photography, kitchens, or even matching hats, and it’s wonderful that I get to capture it all with my camera.